Galleria Borghese History

History of the Galleria Borghese

  • The Galleria Borghese history starts way back in 1613 when the nephew of Pope Paul V, Scipione Borghese, was appointed as Cardinal at a very young age of 27 years.

  • Rome is home to many astonishing public works, including intricate fountains across the country. Cardinal Scipione Borghese is known as the architect of all these public works. Because of his remarkable contribution to embracing public works, he was given the title of “Pontefice Massimo” by his peers.

  • After he assumed the charge as Cardinal, he primarily focused on the Vatican art collection. Apart from the public display, he always praised art and cultures and had also assembled a private collection of artwork. The visitors can witness his collection.

  • Cardinal Scipione was a big fan of art. Because of that, he gathered a collection of sophisticated and breathtaking art and sculptures from both the ancient and modern eras.

  • The Borghese Galleria history is all about the artistic vision of Cardinal Scipione and his perseverance to make Villa Borghese not only an art exhibition but a comprehensive centre of culture, nature, and art.

  • To realise the vision of the Cardinal, two of the most skilled architects of Rome were employed for the job. Flaminio Ponzio and Giovanni Vasanzio did the complete design work of the villa, and the idea of making it a centre of art, culture, and nature was at the core of the design idea.

  • According to the old records of Galleria Borghese History, the villa was covered by the sculptures on its exterior. The villa's design was well defined into two levels - first and second. The first floor is reserved primarily for sculptures and paintings of the second-floor house made by various famous artists across Rome.

  • Cardinal Scipione had a vision of making Villa Borghese a birth centre. The villa is surrounded by lush greenery—rare exotic plants embracing the beauty of the whole structure.

  • The work, initiated by the Cardinal as soon as he assumed the charge, was completed in 1620. Upon its construction, the entrance to the village was through a double staircase inspired by Michelangelo's designs for the Senatorio Palace on Capitol Hill.

Galleria Borghese Facts

  • One of the most interesting Galleria Borghese facts is that the structure we see today was built in the early 17th century by the orders of Cardinal Scipione.
  • The Galleria Borghese is part of the Villa Borghese, which was developed as the centre for nature, arts, and culture.
  • Villa Borghese is located in the heart of Villa Borghese Gardens, the third-largest park in Rome.
  • In its early days, according to Galleria Borghese history, the Villa was developed as the private collection of Cardinal Scipione.
  • Its architecture is one of the finest in Rome and is an attraction itself.

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What is Galleria Borghese known for?

Galleria Borghese is one of the spectacular museums in Rome. The museum is home to various ancient and modern arts and sculptures. The whole complex of Villa Borghese is the centre of nature, art, and culture.

When was Galleria Borghese built?

Taking reference from the Borghese Gallery history, the Villa Borghese was built in the era of the 17th century. Cardinal Scipione initiated its construction. It was used as a personal collection of cardinals in its initial days.

Is the Galleria Borghese worth it?

Galleria Borghese is a centre of Art and Culture. There are multiple art pieces and paintings by ancient and modern artists. The sculptures at the gallery are mesmerising and will keep you engaged even if you are not an art enthusiast.

How do you get to Galleria Borghese?

There are multiple ways to reach Galleria Borghese. One can take any mode of transport like metro, bus, and mini car. However, the mini-vehicle needs to respect the restrictions in place

Where is the Galleria Borghese?

Galleria Borghese is a part of Villa Borghese. Villa is located at the core of Villa Borghese Garden, and the Galleria Borghese facts state that the garden is the third-largest city park in Rome. Apart from this, the Villa is located at the prime location of Prince Hills.

What is in the Borghese Gallery?

Galleria Borghese is a centre of Art and Culture. There are multiple art pieces and paintings by ancient and modern artists. The first floor is reserved for various art pieces and artworks. The second floor flaunts the sculptures made by famous sculptors.


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